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Transport Strategies under the scarcity of energy supply - STEPs Final Report (published)

The report is divided into parts as it takes up a lot of disc space. Please download the sections as required. For your information the list of contents is in Part 0.

Front Cover

Part 0: Front Section of the Report (includes Contents, Foreword & Acknowledgements, Executive Summary)

Part 1: Chapter 1 - Trend Analysis, Chapter 2 - Transport trends and their energy implications

Part 2: Chapter 3 - The scenarios, Chapter 4 - The modelling system, Chapter 5 - The assessment methodology

Part 3: Chapter 6 - Results of the European models, Chapter 7 - Results of the regional models, Chapter 8 - Summary of model results

Part 4: Chapter 9 - Meta - analysis and consistency of model results, Chapter 10 - Assessment of scenarios, Chapter 11 - Overall assessement of results

Part 5 : Chapter 12 - Conclusions, References, Appendices



STEPs also produced a number of deliverables throughout the duration of the project.

Deliverable 1 - State of the Art
Deliverable 2 - Overview of relevant trends and translation into parameters
Deliverable 3.1 - Framework of the Scenarios and description of the themes
Deliverable 4.1 - Modelling suite for Scenarios Simulations
Scenario impacts
Deliverable 5.1 - Methodology for the assessment of transport and energy supply scenarios - Database requirements
Deliverable 6 - Conclusion and definition of further needs
Deliverable 8.1 - Report of the first Clustering Meeting, Budapest, 25th November 2004
Deliverable 8.2 - Report of the second Clustering Meeting, Krakow 29th May 2005
Deliverable 8.3 - Report on the third Clustering Meeting, Gothenburg, 15th June 2006


STEPs Presentations & Abstracts

Below are presentations, papers and / or abstracts produced for the project;

Journal paper:

* S. Shepherd, P. Pfaffenbichler: "Sustainable transport policies under scarcity of oil supply"; Proceedings of ICE, Engineering
Sustainability, 159 (2006), 2; S. 63 - 70.

Conference Proceedings:

* A. Martino, D. Fiorello, S. Shepherd, P. Pfaffenbichler:
"Strategic modelling of transport and energy scenarios"; Vortrag: European Transport Conference 2006, Strasbourg/F; 18.09.2006 - 20.09.2006; in: "Seminar: European Transport Policy and Research", (2006), 1 S.
* A. Monzon, E. Lopez, P. Pfaffenbichler: "Evaluación de escenarios de eficiencia energética y sostenibilidad del sistema de transporte"; Vortrag: XIV Congreso Panamericano de Ingeneria de Tránsito y Transporte, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; 20.09.2006 - 23.09.2006; in: "Proceedings", (2006), Paper-Nr. P07_26, 15 S.

Poster and short paper:

* P. Pfaffenbichler, S. Shepherd: "Technology versus demand
regulation - strategic modelling of transport, land use and energy scenarios"; eceee 2007 Summer Study, La Colle sur Loup, Côte d’Azur, France, 4–9 June 2007


21st November 2006 - Transport Strategies Under the Scarcity of Energy Supply: the EU STEPs Project : Presentation

20th March 2006 - EU STEPs Project Scenarios for Transport and Energy Supply and their Potential Effects Overview & Current Progress: Presentation

5th October 2006 - Political, socio economic & technological environments affecting transport energy use in Europe. Presentation, Paper, Abstract